Envie de faire le point sur votre vie ?

So here are 5 exercises that I suggest you follow during this little adventure which will allow you to discover the 3 islands of the Roadmap:

Reconnection • Alignment • Transformation.

(If you haven’t already retrieved it, you can download the Roadmap by clicking on this link: Retrieve the Roadmap.

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Exercise 1

Clarity & Life Review

…to help you take stock of your life today thanks to tools for introspection, clarity and life assessment.

Exercise 2


...which will allow you to develop a better understanding of yourself and your way of functioning.

Exercise 3

Vision & Mission

…to reconnect with yourself and align your vision with your mission and your being with exercises and visualization.

Exercise 4

Strategy & Action Plan

…to take action and implement the life we ​​want to live for ourselves, aligned, serene and harmonious.

Exercise 5


The most important phase! Without taking action we remain in theory and that is not our objective!

Does this program suit you? If so… let’s go!

Architecte de ta vie - Exercice 1 - Clarté


“Where I am today”


Before starting a transformation, it is important to know where you come from.

The goal of this exercise is to take time for personal introspection and take stock of where you are at today in your life.

It is important to become aware of what is going well in your life (yes, there are things… even small things that are going well) and what you no longer want for your new life.

Otherwise, you risk unconsciously reproducing what pushed you to take this old road.

Your challenge  : Evaluate your level of satisfaction in all areas of your life.

You don’t know what these areas of life are? Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything to you, I’ve prepared a guide just for that.

If you want to take stock of where you are today, I suggest you get the free guide 10 Questions to ask yourself for an aligned & balanced life ⚖️.

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“Who I am today”


With this exercise, I suggest you work on developing better self-knowledge and your relationships.

This is ultra-important, because it is the basis of your life transformation.

If you don’t know yourself and don’t identify your strengths and your blockages, what drives you on a daily basis or even what scares you, you unfortunately risk reproducing the same patterns that will lead you to the same results in the past. 

Your challenge  : Identify your internal source of energy, what drives you in your daily life, that is to say your values!

I suggest you start gently with a test to identify the most important values ​​for you today 🙂

Architecte de ta vie - Exercice 2 - Connaissance de soi
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Architecte de ta vie - Exercice 3 - Visualisation


“Who do I want to be tomorrow?”


Now that you know where you come from and the foundations have been laid, we’re going to start thinking about this new life that awaits you.

And above all, we will build it together!

Very often, without realizing it, we live our lives in automatic mode. Without really knowing why we do it; because society tells us that’s how it is.

Your challenge  : Think about what YOUR VISION is for this new life at 5 years old with a visualization exercise.

To help you with this challenge, I suggest you do this visualization exercise at 5 years old which I have called the life path.

Take a notebook and a pen and let yourself be carried away by the video of the exercise 📽

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“How do I achieve this?”


In the previous exercise, we worked on the contours of your new life!

To get there, we will now have to build the strategy and associated action plans to achieve this.

You will see that this phase is in iterative mode, that is to say that there is no clear path or even one solution.

As you progress and succeed, you will readjust your plan and modify it according to the external context.

Nevermind. It’s normal. That’s life. With lots of twists and turns that you have to adapt to.

Your challenge  : Define at least 3 goals that you want to achieve in the next 2 months.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what you would like to accomplish, I suggest you take the time to identify 3 objectives that you must achieve to begin this transformation.

Once you have identified these 3 objectives, redefine them using the SMART method so that they are effective & aligned with your values.

You don’t know (yet) the SMART method? Find out what’s behind these letters by reading the blog article Setting Aligned & Effective Goals 🎯

Architecte de ta vie - Exercice 4 - Stratégie & plan d'action
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Architecte de ta vie - Exercice 5 - Implémentation


“How to implement all this?”


This exercise is a bit like the common thread of my support. Help you take action to get the life you want!

The implementation…

These are all these small actions that you will decide today to put in place to achieve your life goals.

These are all the questions you can ask me; and above all, don’t censor yourself, that’s what I’m here for!

Your challenge : Take small steps every day towards your life goals. And it’s not the easiest!

When we decide to implement actions to change our lives, the most difficult thing is to stay the course and regularly carry out actions to bring us closer to this course – our life goals.

It’s not easy to stay motivated in the long term, especially when we have lots of doubts and other obligations in our life.

To do this, I suggest you reserve 3 1-hour slots in your diary, each week, which will be just for you to work on the actions you need to take to achieve your life goals.

And what would you say about adding a 15-minute slot to listen to an episode of the podcast Le Quart d’Heure d’Inspir’Action to help you in your daily life? 🎙

By shining our light, we offer others the opportunity to do the same

- Nelson Mandela

It's finish ! Congratulations !



I hope you enjoyed this little program to gently start the first steps towards your life transformation. 

Don’t hesitate to take a look at the free resources available on the site to accompany you on this beautiful journey.

You can also look at the support offers that I offer if you would like to be supported in this life transformation.

See you soon !


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Découvre des conseils pratiques et des outils pour t'aider à te sentir confiant·e et à découvrir ta véritable valeur.
Podcast Unique
Découvre le nouveau Podcast Unique 🎙
'Unique' est le podcast qui t’aidera à reprendre confiance en toi pour libérer tout ton potentiel.

Découvre des conseils pratiques et des outils pour t'aider à te sentir confiant·e et à découvrir ta véritable valeur.