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How about starting to take control of your life through professional coaching?

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Let’s Go for this Journey !

Alright… so you’re ready to embark on this transformational journey… and become the architect of your life again? I’m thrilled about this decision 🎉.

My goal as a professional coach is to accompany you on this journey using coaching tools & techniques to help you (re)gain confidence in yourself.

I’m confident that through this process, you’ll discover things about yourself that you didn’t even realize 🙂

But before we kickstart your journey, I suggest gathering a few tools 🛠️ that will be handy for exploring your personal values, uncovering your natural talents, and shaping your career during your adventure!


The Roadmap - The path to your transformational life


The Travel Journal - Your guide to navigating the world of self-development



Okay… let’s take a look at these 5 stories

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Julien - The Seeker of Meaning 🚀

Julien’s remarkable career has led him to impressive heights. However, today, Julien finds himself at a crossroads, questioning the meaning of his work, the impact he wishes to make, and how his talents could be better utilized.

His ID card:

  • Age: 53 years old
  • Career: Manager in a large company
  • Primary Challenge: Doubts about the meaning of his career and fear of failure.
  • Quest: To find a deeper meaning in his career by aligning his personal values and natural talents.

Read his story...

Julien, a man of experience, has climbed the ranks of his company successfully. Over the years, he has reached peaks of responsibility. His resume is impressive, but something is missing in his life.

Doubts begin to creep into his mind. He wonders if everything he has accomplished so far truly has meaning. The days all blend together, an endless routine of meetings, reports, and strategic decisions. The business world seems increasingly soulless to him.

Yet, deep within him, grows a profound desire to give deeper meaning to his work. He wants his work to have a significant impact on society, to contribute to something greater than himself.

But doubt paralyzes him. Important decisions about his professional future are postponed again and again, drowned in a sea of uncertainty. The fear of failure, that constant shadow looming over his shoulder, prevents him from taking the first step towards a career realignment.

He spends countless hours reflecting on his personal values, seeking to discover what truly matters to him. He realizes that money, power, and prestige are not enough to fulfill him. He seeks to align his career with his values and fully leverage his talents.

He explores various options to give meaning to his career. He considers changing sectors, starting his own business, or getting more involved in charitable activities. However, inertia is his main enemy. The professional stability he has built over the years holds him back, and the fear of the unknown is a heavy burden to bear...

Elena - The Explorer of Fulfillment 🌈

Elena is a brilliant senior executive who has dedicated her life to her professional ascent. However, the monotonous routines and endless meetings have left her pensive, desperately seeking to give deeper meaning to her career, to align her work with her personal values, and to contribute beyond the boundaries of the company.

Her ID card:

  • Age: 42 years old
  • Career: Senior executive in a large SME
  • Primary Challenge: Monotonous routine and the quest for meaning.
  • Quest: To give deeper meaning to her career by contributing to something “greater than her company.”

Read her story...

Elena, an ambitious woman, has climbed the ranks of her career with determination. She has always thirsted for success and holds significant leadership positions in a large SME. Her resume is impressive, but something troubles her. Doubts haunt her.

She wonders if everything she does truly has meaning. The days blend together, a tiresome routine of meetings, reports, and decisions to make. She feels like she's losing touch with her passion and dreams.

Yet, deep within her, grows a profound desire to give deeper meaning to her work. She wishes for her career to have a significant impact on society, to be able to contribute to something greater than her company.

Procrastination becomes her enemy. Faced with decisions she must make about her professional future, she constantly postpones, hesitant to take the leap towards personal reflection on what truly resonates with her. The fear of failure, which seems to follow her at every corner of her mind, prevents her from committing to new paths.

She spends countless hours reflecting on her personal values, seeking to understand what is truly important to her. She realizes that professional success is only part of the equation. She seeks to align her career with her values and fully leverage her talents.

She explores various options to give meaning to her career. She considers starting her own business, working in the social sector, or getting involved in community projects. However, the stability she has built over the years holds her back, and the fear of the unknown is a challenging force to overcome...

Aleksandr - The Values Pilot 💫

Aleksandr, also known as Sasha, is a young dynamic executive, freshly out of school, with a burning desire to make his mark on the business world with his personal imprint. However, he feels a gap between his personal values and the norms of the traditional corporate world, and he is searching for a way to align his ambition with his desire to positively contribute to society.

His ID card:

  • Age: 25 years old
  • Career: Young executive graduated from a business school
  • Primary Challenge: Gap between his personal values and the demands of his job.
  • Quest: Align his career with his values, contribute positively to society, while maintaining performance.

Read his story...

Sasha, full of enthusiasm, graduated from a prestigious business school. His resume sparkles with promises, and he joins a large company with the ambition to conquer the business world.

However, as he progresses in his career, he increasingly feels a gap between his personal values and the demands of his job. During his studies, he was convinced that he valued success and financial achievement above all, but he realizes that his quest is not solely motivated by these two elements.

His mind is teeming with innovative ideas and desires to contribute to a better world. He wants his work to have a positive impact on society and to be in harmony with his beliefs. He feels a deep need to give deeper meaning to his career.

The young executive, despite his dynamism, often feels trapped in a monotonous routine. The demands of his job seem to overwhelm him, preventing him from unleashing his creativity and desire for change.

But he does not procrastinate. On the contrary, he is ready to take bold steps to align his career with his values. However, he doesn't know where to start or how to integrate his convictions into his job.

His biggest obstacle is the lack of experience in realizing his ideals. He has tried some approaches, such as getting involved in social projects alongside his work, but he is looking for a way to make his social commitment an integral part of his career.

Teaghy - The Architect of Excellence 🏗️

Teaghy, as a Chief Financial Officer, has reached professional heights.

Today, she feels the weight of underutilizing her talents. She aspires to more creativity, innovation, and excellence, seeking to realign her career with her personal values.

Her ID card:

  • Age: 38 years old
  • Career: Chief Financial Officer
  • Primary Challenge: Feeling that her natural talents are underutilized in her current job.
  • Quest: Rediscover her passion for finance, apply her analytical skills to stimulating projects, and fully unleash her potential.

Read her story...

Teaghy has been working in the finance industry for over a decade. She has climbed the ranks of her career successfully and is now a Chief Financial Officer in a large company.

However, despite her professional success, Teaghy feels that her talents are not being fully utilized. She has a natural gift for financial analysis and strategic management, but her work is becoming increasingly administrative. Routine tasks and endless meetings seem to pull her away from what she truly enjoys doing.

Teaghy thirsts for creativity and innovation. She wants to be more involved in the company's strategic decision-making and apply her analytical skills to stimulating projects. She feels that her talents are underutilized in her current position.

Despite her strong desire to realign her career to reflect her talents and aspirations, Teaghy finds herself at a standstill. She struggles to take that first step due to apprehension of the unknown and fear of failure. This fear keeps her in her current comfort zone, preventing her from exploring new opportunities. Uncertainty, the risk of failure, and the potential challenges associated with significant career change keep her in a situation that no longer excites her.

Rahul - The Navigator of Confidence 🧭

Rahul, on a quest of self-discovery, feels lost in his career and sorely lacks self-confidence. His doubts have led him to search for a deeper meaning in his life, to discover his hidden talents, and to realign with his authentic values.

His ID card:

  • Age: 32 years old
  • Career: Moved from job to job without finding his path.
  • Primary Challenge: Lack of self-confidence and lack of clarity on his values and talents.
  • Quest: Discover his values, identify his talents, regain confidence in himself, and find a career that brings him satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Read his story...

Rahul feels lost in his professional career. Since leaving university, he has been jumping from one job to another, desperately searching for something that will give him meaning and fulfillment.

Rahul sorely lacks self-confidence. He feels inadequate and struggles to make decisions. He doesn't truly know his values or talents, and this has a negative impact on his professional life.

He has worked in various fields, from sales to project management, but nothing seems to bring him the satisfaction he is seeking. His confidence in his ability to succeed has been shaken by past failures and mistakes.

Rahul has reached a point where he feels the need to take a pause, reflect on what truly matters to him, and discover his hidden talents and skills. He wants to find a career that aligns with his core values.

He feels inadequate, doubts his abilities, and lacks confidence in his ability to succeed in his professional career.

The lack of clarity on his values and talents affects his decision-making and choosing a path that truly suits him. This uncertainty leads him to jump from one job to another, searching for a source of satisfaction that eludes him.

What unites these five individuals...

🔗 Search for Meaning: If you’ve taken the time to read these stories, you’ll likely notice that these protagonists are all searching for a deeper meaning in their professional careers. They feel a need to give meaning to their work.

🔗 Professional Dissatisfaction: These individuals are dissatisfied with their current professional situation. They feel a gap between what they are doing and what they would like to do.

🔗 Doubts and Uncertainties: These five individuals face doubts and uncertainties about their professional future. Fear of failure and uncertainty hold them back.

What sets them apart...

Specific Challenges: Each of these individuals has their own specific challenges (questioning, desire to align their values, or seeking self-discovery…).

Stages of Reflection: Some of these protagonists have already reflected on their personal values and natural talents, while others are at the very beginning of their quest for personal or professional identity.

Professional Context: These individuals operate in various professional fields.

As you can see, these different stories highlight the universal quest for meaning in our jobs, and yet, each of these individuals is unique. This reflects the various paths, challenges, and aspirations that we may encounter as we pursue our quest to give deep meaning to our work and more broadly to our lives.

Alright, now we’re all set!
Let’s dive into your adventure!!

You are now equipped to begin your adventure. I invite you to let yourself be guided…



Qu'est-ce que le coaching ?

"Le coaching s'intéresse aux possibilités futures et non aux erreurs passées"

Le coaching est une alliance entre le coach et ses clients dans un processus qui suscite chez eux réflexion et créativité afin de maximiser leur potentiel personnel et professionnel.

Le but d'un coaching c'est de libérer le potentiel d'une personne en l'aidant notamment à développer une meilleure conscience de soi et confiance en soi.

Pour accompagner cette évolution, le coach utilise deux éléments importants :

  • l'art de la relation, qui permet de bien se connecter avec l'autre et de l'aider à réaliser ses projets en changeant, si besoin, ses attitudes et ses compétences.
  • l'art de la maïeutique, qui est l'art de faire émerger des solutions dans l'esprit de la personne coachée, pour qu'elle obtienne des résultats concrets et mesurables dans sa vie perso et pro.

Il existe différents types de coaching, que ce soit en solo (pour les particuliers ou en entreprise) ou en groupe (en équipe ou en organisation). On peut faire du coaching dans plein de domaines : le sport, la prise de parole en public, le leadership, le développement personnel et même le coaching de vie.


⚠️ Attention à ne pas confondre thérapie et coaching : Un coach n'est pas un thérapeute. Certains pros peuvent faire les deux, mais il faut bien faire la différence.

Généralement, un travail thérapeutique vise à aller explorer son passé pour mieux comprendre son présent :

  • "Pourquoi j'agis comme cela ?",
  • "Quelles sont les expériences de mon passé qui m'ont amenée à agir ainsi ?"

Alors que le coaching va plutôt s'orienter vers le futur et la mise en action pour atteindre un objectif bien défini :

  • "Quels sont mes blocages qui m'empêchent aujourd'hui d'obtenir ce que je veux dans un futur proche ?"
  • " Sur quelles ressources puis-je m'appuyer pour avancer vers mes objectifs de vie ?"

En résumé, le coaching, c'est une alliance pour te booster, t'aider à atteindre tes objectifs et à reprendre confiance en toi. C'est un voyage vers ton futur épanouissant et de découvertes sur toi-même.

Le rôle du coach professionnel

Un coach professionnel aide les personnelles à atteindre leurs objectifs personnels et professionnels. Ce sont des experts formés qui travaillent en étroite collaboration avec leurs clients pour les aider à identifier leurs forces, leurs faiblesses et leurs objectifs.


En fait, c’est comme ton super allié pour t'aider à réaliser tes rêves, que ce soit dans ta vie perso ou pro. Le coach professionnel crée un espace où tu peux t'exprimer librement et en toute confiance. Il te pose des questions inspirantes pour que tu puisses te connaître encore mieux et définir ce que tu veux vraiment accomplir.


Ensuite, vous élaborez ensemble un plan d'action concret et réalisable. Tu auras des étapes claires, des délais et des moyens de mesurer tes progrès. Le coach t'aidera à surmonter les obstacles en trouvant des solutions qui te correspondent vraiment.


Pendant tout ce processus, ton coach sera ton plus grand supporter. Il t’accompagnera pour que tu puisses développer tes talents et te dépasser. Il t’aidera à passer à l'action et à t'engager pleinement pour atteindre tes objectifs.


Il est important de souligner que ton coach ne va pas te dire quoi faire ou prendre les décisions à ta place. Au contraire, il va t'encourager à être autonome et responsable. Il te guidera vers l'auto-réflexion, t'aidera à prendre des décisions éclairées et t'incitera à passer à l'action.


En bref, ton coach professionnel est là pour t'aider à réaliser tes objectifs. Il te soutient, te conseille et t'encourage tout au long de ton parcours vers la réussite. Avec une relation de confiance, une vision claire, un plan d'action solide et un soutien continu, ton coach sera ton partenaire pour t'aider à atteindre tes rêves.

Le processus d'un coaching individuel

Un accompagnement de coaching commence généralement par un 1er entretien préalable.


L'objectif de cet entretien, c'est de discuter avec le coach de ce que tu recherches, de tes besoins d'accompagnement. C'est aussi l'occasion de faire connaissance et de voir si tu te sens à l'aise avec ce coach. Tu peux poser toutes tes questions sur le déroulement et le contenu de l'accompagnement.


C'est un moment vraiment important, car ça te permet de voir si tu te sens en confiance avec le coach que tu as choisi.


Une fois que ton accompagnement démarre, les séances de coaching suivent généralement cette structure :

D'abord, on identifie l'objectif sur lequel tu veux travailler lors de la séance. C'est ce qui va guider tout ton accompagnement. Ensuite, on explore tes croyances et les blocages qui t'empêchent d'atteindre tes objectifs, mais aussi les ressources et les opportunités que tu as pour obtenir les résultats que tu souhaites. On cherche ensuite les différentes options que tu peux envisager pour atteindre ton objectif. Et enfin, on détermine les prochaines actions que tu souhaites mettre en place pour progresser vers tes objectifs.


Le coach peut utiliser différentes techniques et outils, comme la PNL (Programmation Neuro-Linguistique), l'AT (Analyse Transactionnelle), la méditation, l'hypnose, et bien d'autres encore. C'est vraiment personnalisé en fonction de tes besoins et de l’expertise du coach.


Et surtout, n'hésite pas à contacter directement le coach avec lequel tu aimerais travailler. C'est super important de pouvoir discuter avec lui et de poser toutes tes questions.


L'échange est le meilleur moyen de te faire ta propre idée sur la personne, son expertise et ce qu'il pourra t'apporter avec son accompagnement.

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🍃 Envie de faire le point sur votre vie ?
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Ces 10 Questions vous aideront à faire le point sur votre vie et déterminer votre niveau de satisfaction actuelle.